Custom Sacred Soul BOWL

an experience you will never forget !

 These Sacred Soul Bowls contain powerful energy
You will experience a shift in your life.
You will experience a deeper connection with your inner soul / your higher self. 
They are a powerful tool in manifesting and healing

Each Bowl is
a one-of-a-kind art piece. No two are alike.
They are 100% made by hand

The bowl is a visual reminder
for the richness in our lives that allready is there.
And is a reminder that we are a powerful conscious creator
of our deepest desires.

You can hold the bowl when you are meditating, praying.
Any time that you feel restless or have anxiety
hold the bowl and feel
that your vibration is raising

You can fill your sacred bowl with high vibration items.

For example
* Handwritten gratitude notes
* Specific desires ( write like it is happening right now )
* Crystals that go with your inten􀆟on
* High energy items like your favorite piece of jewelry, pictures
essential oils, sage etc.

Don’t overflow your bowl, but only fill it with things that hold
a special place in your heart.

You are worthy to follow your dreams
and manifest your desires !

These bowls will be infused with crystals and lavender

I will include a message / note with the painting.

We will have a chat and will discuss your needs and wishes.

I can create a custom Sacred Soul 

Manifesting Bowl
Blessing Bowl

Chakra Bowl
Meditation / Prayer Bowl

The next step is that i will tune in to you and will create your
Sacred Soul Bowl

Visit my other website sacredsoulart

to see how you can book a session / commission a painting / work with me

Honor and Embrace your Creative Spirit

Heal. Empower. Create. 

© 2016 by Studio SoSo