Rise Through Creative Action

Online 4 week masterclass Rise through Creative action 


We will be working around universal energy and spirit animals/ your power animals and will create a beautiful mixed media piece with this theme in mind. 


You can see the style of what we are going to create in the picture..

.We will connect and paint the universal energy / gateway ... and our spirit animal ....

but as always i will create LIVE from my intuition and essence 

What power animal / Spirit animal shows up for you ?
What does it want to tell you ?


We will listen, connect, be and … create

We will use creative action… meditation….excercises….and more

I will go Live 4 times with live painting sessions in the fb group that i will open for this challenge

You can watch the replays if you miss the lives

Plus, at the end of the masterclass i will provide a download link where you can download the live videos !


Meet your Spirit Animal
What is its message for you

Universal Energy

Create  from a place of intuition and inner knowing

From within



Painting techniques






This is for you if you desire to:


- Would love to learn mixed media / painting techniques

- Change your mindset

- Learn to create from within and connect to your creative inner spirit
- Would like to connect with your spirit animal / power animal and hear its message for you

- Let go of all the things that are holding you down, that no longer serve you

- Are willing to do the work and dig deeper

- Attract abundance with ease and flow & Manifest your desires

- Would like to learn new tools, creative action to achieve this

- Would love to learn new techniques in creating


Are you In ?

Come join me now !



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to see how you can book a session / commission a painting / work with me

Honor and Embrace your Creative Spirit

Heal. Empower. Create. 

© 2016 by Studio SoSo