Rise Through Creative Action

Online 4 week masterclass Rise through Creative action 


We will be working around stepping into your innate power and shine and will create a beautiful mixed media piece with this theme in mind. 


You can see the style of what we are going to create in the picture..

A beautiful representation of YOU stepping into your power and light

Asalways i will create LIVE from my intuition and essence 

We will listen, connect, be and … create

We will use creative action… meditation….excercises….and more

I will go Live 4 times with live painting sessions in the fb group that i have opened for this course

You can watch the replays if you miss the lives

Plus, at the end of the masterclass i will provide download links for the videos !


Step into your power 

Let go



Create  from a place of intuition and inner knowing

From within



Painting techniques







This is for you if you desire to:

- Learn how to step into your Power

- Use creative action to achieve this

- Learn mixed media / painting techniques

- Learn to layer, how to create textures, play with light and shadow etc

- Learn to play and ignore the inner critic

- Change your mindset

- Learn to create from within and connect to your creative inner spirit

- Learn to connect and create from your intuition and essence

- Let go of all the things that are holding you down, that no longer serve you

- Do the work and dig deeper

- Heal, Grow, Rise and Expand

- Learn new tools, creative action to achieve this

- Learn new techniques in creating


Are you In ?

Come join me now !

Together we rise

Let´s Go !



Visit my other website sacredsoulart

to see how you can book a session / commission a painting / work with me

Honor and Embrace your Creative Spirit

Heal. Empower. Create. 

© 2016 by Studio SoSo