Well Hello !

Welcome !! This will be the first blog entry, so much fun, and i am super excited to share some of my life and my work with you all.

First of all i am going to introduce myself to all you lovelies... I am Nanda, a mixed media artist, mom of 4, born and raised in Holland and now living in Spain My desire is to share my art journey with you .... to inspire people, bring comfort, encouragement and to lift people up.... bring something positive in this world..... Some keywords of my work : Bohemian.... Earthy...Soulful... Emotion... Reflection... Encouragement... Comfort.. Healing... Inspire...Connection ... sweet .... positive....happy I have ready to ship pieces and i love to do commissions too Mixed Media Art is something i really love to do, working with all kinds of different materials and supplies...

Another thing i love too is creating nursery art and sweet watercolor paintings... they can often be personalized too with a name/word/text

I am so so excited to share my soul with you, in color !

We have been moving to another rental place... and one of the things i like best is that i now have my own studio where i can paint ! I am so excited about that.... It makes it so much easier to create art now....

Here is a peek of how it looks like....

I also have been very busy creating new watercolor series .... it is something i really really love doing... They sell pretty fast and most of them sell before i have time to list them in my shop....

If you dont want to miss them, make sure you join my own art group at facebook where i offer them before i am listing them in the shop... so you, my special peeps, can snag them first !

My facebook page : Nandas Art Journey My Facebook Group : Lil Miss P Designs

By the way ... in my group and my page i also post sneek peaks, inspirational things, giveaways and more.... Speaking about Giveaways ..... I have reached 750 members at my FB page, which means i will have a giveaway !! I am making something special for it as we speak...so stay tuned and make sure you dont miss it ....

I have some watercolor paintings available at the moment which havent been listed (yet) in my shop... Let me know if you are interested in one...

I am also working on some new things which i hope to offer soon... art journals in midory style, so you can keep refilling them... I will make them with my artwork on the front, they will be fun !

Another thing i hope to post soon are tutorials / videos... i am planning on recording soon ... i have had some requests of people asking me to share my process and make lessons/ a workshop .... which i would love to do ... but first i need to dive into the world of video editing etc....

That was it for now, i would love to meet you on my facebook !

Oh...and if you don´t want to miss future blog posts & news you can click on the ¨subscribe¨ button...or go the the contact page and fill in the ¨subscribe to newsletter¨ area ...

See the beauty around you ♥

Love. N

Modern-Bohemian-Earthy-People Inspired Art


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