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Ahhhhh Lovelies,

It has been a crazy month so far... the kids are having 3 months off school for summer holidays... When you work at home, and have 4 kids, you can imagine life gets a little crazy... I did not have enough time to blog a lot but i do have some fun news !

Some people where asking me about the watercolors i posted about on Facebook... about the brand, what my favorite colors are etc... so yesterday i have just posted my first ever video in my facebook Group ... fun fun fun ...

I told about the brand, the colors i love to use, and how i use them, and showed a little sneak peek on what i am working on.

I am a total poopy pants when it comes to talking on phones and making videos... don´t ask me why... so this is a mayor huge enormous big big milestone for me... big YAY !

But it was fun and i will make more videos soon.... lots of people have been asking to think about doing classes and little tutorials etc... so yes... definitely something that will be coming in the near future

These are the watercolor Paints i use : twinkling h2o´s

What i love about them is that they are bright and vibrant .... and.... they come in shimmering colors... ahhhh i mean...shimmering/glitter !!!! whoehoeeeeee

Let me post some pics so you can see what i mean....

Uhmmm... what else... yes, the 18th i will be entering pieces in an online auction over at Betsy Button Auctions on Facebook.... always fun ...

The auction are every 2 weeks, and i am always painting special pieces for these auction when i am participating...

So mark your calender.. the 18th .. it starts at 12.00 pm EST ( i have also added it to the event page on my website with a link to the auction page to make it easy for you all )

The theme will be Falling for Fall.. so think about orange, greens, reds, warm colors, foxes, deers, bears, toadstools, and if you know me a flamingo might pop up too... lol... i always try to be very creative within the theme of the auction... so stay tuned...

If you have suggestions or things you would like to see, just let me know !

Oh.. click at the button to go to my fb group where i posted the video...

I also have made some changes to the website... but knowing me...and the fact that i create website and logo´s etc for a living... i will change things every now and than ;-)

And now, my sweet friends it is time to swim... a little bit of family time and activity build in each day otherwise they will tear the place down ...

I will see you under the palms

P.S. I am working on a super secret Freebie Page ! Sounds exciting huh ? Make sure you join the mailing list ... i will post news there ! whaaaaaaa fun fun fun !

Click here to join the mailing list :

Love Nanda


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