For the love of Flowers .... ok...and cacti

Hello you lovely lot,

Soooooo.... only 10 more days and the kids will go back to school after 3 months of summer holiday...

It has been a CRAZY half year !

Moving to another city, new schools, new friends, moving to another home.... summer holiday so working from home when the kids are there....

Launching my website...starting making videos and getting my art out there.......

We lost my father in law, our great dane and a cat, fostered another dog

Started setting up a foodbank..... and made some precious family memories this summer... Sophie just learned how to swim the last week, she is growing up so fast.....and now we are almost in september... amazing how time flies...

Anyway..... i hope you all had a great summer !

Lately i love working with watercolor, especially when the kids are home, because i can easily take it with me and work in the living room...

Inspired by the nature here, i started painting cacti...ohhhhhh i just love them !! So many different ones, such gorgeous colors...the flowers and fruit are amazing.... Have you ever tried cactus fruit ? YUM !

This is what i have been working on lately

And some more....

Yup...i love bright...

There will be many more flowers, i just cant stop... but i have also started painting animals...something new, and i totally love that too.... deers...a lion, zebra, dog, cat, bird... you name it... Maybe trying my hand a commissioned pets soon...who knows....

Tadaaa here is my new Wolf will be available in tomorrow auction ( more about that later )

I just love the gold .....

So... i will be entering pieces in an online auction over at Betsy Button Auctions on Facebook every 2 weeks.... always fun ... childrens clothes and accessories...and my art ... every 2 weeks another theme

The next one is the 1st of september ( yes tomorrow ) it starts at 12.00 pm EST

The theme will be Halloween... think Cats, wolfs, raven, flowers, Halloween colors, dressed up and more.... FUN !

I have also made a new video ... timelapse creating a watercolor flower.... click on the pic to go to the video on you tube

Oh... and than we have the coloring book news...

I am sharing sneak peeks in my fb group... It is a coloring book by You Color Creations and i am designing some coloring pages for this new book... exciting and fun !

If you would like to see some sneak peeks than click at the button to go to my fb group

And now it is time to take a shower and get dressed... another thing i like from the summer holiday...working in my pj hahahaha

I will see you under the palms

P.S. I am working on a super secret Freebie Page ! Sounds exciting huh ? Make sure you join the mailing list you wont miss new blog posts, exciting news and secret stuff ! whaaaaaaa fun fun fun !

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Love Nanda


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