SO excited ! My new Program is here !

Hi Everyone !

Have you allready seen my new amazing program ? LET'S CREATE MAGIC TOGETHER

I am SO SO excited to share this with YOU !!

This is totally for you if you would like to >

  • Heal and Release

  • Learn how to meditate while being active

  • Learn more about your higher self... Your inner spirit

  • Reconnect with your inner creative spirit

  • Reconnect with your inner child

  • Learn how to ignore your inner critic

  • Learn how to create freely

  • Learn why creativity is important in your life

  • Feel more energized, balanced, confident, creative

  • Discover a new and powerful way of self care

  • Be brave, try new things

  • Get tools to create what you feel

Lots of people have asked me HOW I create my sacred soul art, how i create something so powerful, so healing...

And you know what... YOU can do it too!

Art is powerful Art is healing Art is YOU on a deeper level Art is about being brave Art is self care

Art is active meditation Art is so much more... And SO important

Would you like to discover what art can do for YOU ?

Than come and create MAGIC together !

This is a NEW and exciting program which I wanted to create for a long time


Sacred and safe place to explore, expand, let go...

The launch will be next week with material list etc, and the actual launch with the LIVE sessions will be in the first week of august...

The first subject will be an owl... a spirit(ual) animal...

EARLY BIRD PRICE ends soon !

Are YOU ready to expand?

Click on the link to learn more about the program

I have more news...i started a new FB group, where i will focus on the more spiritual side of my Sacred Soul Art.

I am also giving away a set of cards in my FB group, you can still enter !

Click on the picture to go to my Group and look for the Giveway post

Have a fabulous thursday !

Much love & light


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