SALE EVENT Sacred Soul Bowls in my FB group

Eeeeeeep !!! I finished a new batch of Sacred Soul Bowls / Chakra Bowls..... They go quickly so if you are interested, make sure you dont miss it !

Auction / Sale Event > 12 pm est 26 july ( today ) and ends 27 july at 6 pm est In my FB group >

Sacred Soul bowl are infused with Affirmations/energy and with Amethyst, Selenite,Lapis and Lavender or other crystals They can help you with : Inner peace Spiritual connection Clarity Increase your intuition Trust in yourself and your abilities Positivity Balance and Stability Speaking your truth Manifesting

Depending on the bowl you choose, each one is different. Each Bowl is a one-of-a-kind art piece. No two are alike. They are 100% made by hand The bowl is a reminder that we are a powerful conscious creator of our deepest desires. You can hold the bowl when you are meditating, praying, or when you feel restless / have anxiety You are worthy to follow your dreams and manifest your desires ! The bowl will come with instructions and healing energy.

These are some of the bowls that will be available .... but there will be more, as well as energy healing art prints / chakra prints....

Make sure you join the group and have fun !

Much love & Light


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