Intuitive Art, Classes & Exciting news !

How are you doing ? Are you ok during these crazy times ?

We are in full and very strict lock down here in spain, actually we are entering week 6 already ! ... But we are together as a family (we have 4 kids) so for that we are grateful!!

I see and hear a lot of you are having problems with anxiety, stress, worries, fears....

I get that! I am sending you all so much love and positivity!!

One of the things that helps me to let go fear and get out of my head and into my head ... is by doing Creative Meditations. This is one i created yesterday, where my intention was to ground more, to rest more, to restore....

If you like to know more about this form of creative meditation...stay tuned...

In the meantime i have been working on some very exciting things !

For a while i have been playing with the idea of setting up a private community... a community where i can work with you, where i can support you, a community that offers truly lots of value

I have been meditating a lot about the form and how and what to offer.... about what i was meant to do....

And so finally it became clear.... A special INNER CIRCLE community

The Rise Through Creative Action - INNER CIRCLE membership was born ! What can you expect ? My special Inner Circle people will get my special attention !!

Each month you will receive :

- Daily interaction by posting Affirmations / Empowerment - Several Intuitive Art ¨lessons¨ where you will learn techniques and can see how to create intuitive art, how to connect to your intuition, to let go, and trust...

- Learn how to get out of your head and into your heart.... How to FEEL more instead of THINKIN while creating... ( which also reflects on your day to day life .... because tapping into your intuitive creativity is SO powerful )

- Creative / Art Meditations

- Worksheets / Pdfs

- LIVE Q & A - support

- Group card pulls - Connection

- Working with Crystals, Chakras etc.

- You will receive a special for the group created painting ( digital) infused with energy healing / crystals

and more

I mean ....WOW.... i am SO excited about this !! You will receive so much, and will truly enjoy this special and safe membership community

I am opening it up for a limited amount of people

The first 2 months will be for a special introduction price of 55 euro

After that the price will be 65 euro

You can cancel your subscription any time

You dont need any experience!

We are focusing on the process...

Creativity is a SUPER POWERFUL tool to connect to your inner self, tap into

emotions, blocks, release, and just BE and connecting to the flow

Will you join me ?

Click on the picture to join / see info

If you haven't already I would love to Invite you to take a look at my other website I created, a special place for my special offerings... Ways to work with me!

( as not everyone knows i am offering for example Sacred Soul Codes, Inner Soul Portraits, Aura Paintings, and my very favorite....the Soul Session Package !!

I would love to hear what you think

These offerings are very dear to my heart

Are you already in my community Sacred Soul Art ?

You can see one of my creative meditations i did there as well..... the one you are seeing here in the blog...

P.S. If you would like me to do a masterclass or course about different ways to do creative meditations, just let me know !

I wish you lots of love

Stay safe, stay strong

Stay positive



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