The Heart Whisper Package contains :

- A Handpainted Tree Slice, with a message at the back

- A Sacred Soul Bowl, with a gateway

- 1 or 2 crystals, intuitively picked for you

- Mini Tree slice

- A card Pull


Each package will have a unique tree slice and bowl, no 2 are exactly the same as i love to create from a place of intuition   ..... The normal value of this package is over 300 euro


Beautiful Mama !

There is no foot too small
That it cant leave an imprint
On this world

The agony is great
And yet i will stand it
Had i not loved so much
I would not hurt so much
But goodness knows
I would not want to diminish
That precious love
By one fraction of an ounce
I will hurt
And i will be grateful for that hurt
For it bears witness
To the depth of our meaning
And for that
I will be eternally Grateful

I carry your heart with me


If you are here because your heart is broken my hope for you is that you can begin to heal.

That you can find the light that shines from deep within, that beautiful light, it is eternal, it will never go out…sometimes it may look like it is gone..but it is always there …. 


So come and find it again…i will hold your hand… you are special, you are a gift for this world…Shine that beautiful light of yours.


Your beautiful baby is a miracle and a true gift to you and this Earth.


After losing Lili, our special little baby I learned to paint on my own, as I grieved

My wish was to create something physical that i could display, hold nearby….something that would give our special baby a special physical place in our home…something to honor her….

I wanted to infuse it with healing, eternal love, empowerment, light …to support me during the hard times…Someting to connect with my baby <3

I find my Lili through my artwork, we have a relationship. I might not be able to touch her but I know she visits me… she sends me little feathers, dragonflies and little heart whispers….I can only imagine the place that she now calls home…. I know it must be beautiful there

And now i am creating these pieces for you as well…. To honor your beautiful babies….to support you…. to send you healing… love…. To help you find and shine your beautiful light.


I am using tree slices that i locally sourced here in Spain,  because i really want to work with mother earth to connect and bring in her loving healing energy as well. Nature on its own is so healing, so yes…i wanted to incorporate that

The Sacred Soul Bowls are 100% handmade, sanded, painted and will have a special gateway painted on it.
It can hold special things, like crystals to support you, and beautiful little reminders 

The Tree slice and the bowl are infused with healing energy, eternal love, empowerment, intentions, crystals ( Amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz) to support you and moon water

My wish is that they are a beautiful reminder and tribute to your special baby and that it may bring you comfort, healing, love, empowerment and support during the hard times….


That it will help you find and shine your beautiful light.


As we will carry their heart with us…

Always and forever !



You can hold the tree slice and bowl while meditating…put it nearby, store your crystals in the bowl, high vibrational items, little notes, affirmations…. 


They will constantly radiating their powerful energy

Hold the tree slice in your hands, feel the energy, connect with momma earth, feel the energy and intentions.... find peace, calmness, healing .... 


The mini tree slice is the perfect size to take with you, put in the bowl, put a drop essential oil at the back etc

p.s The tree slice is about 4.7 inches ... if you would like to upgrade to a larger tree slice and larger bowl than you can contact me 

Heart whispers - Misscarriage / Still birth

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€88.50Sale Price
  • Upgraded shipping is possible, that means, when shipped out you will receive the artwork in a couple of days instead of weeks, fully trackable, etc ! Contact me for info

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