New moon in Leo
Size: 33x40.5 cm / 13 x 16
Original Painting on Stretched Canvas
Medium: acrylics 
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I painted this Leo because of the Leo in Full moon
He has gorgeous golden details and texture.

The message is > 

Leo is a critical force for growth and development for us all right now.

The need to do a better job in trusting your own perceptions and feelings. To Trust your struggle.

Doing a better job listening to yourself, not ignoring, justifying and forcing yourself to do things you know are wrong for you. 

What you perceive, stems from how you feel and how well you are able to simply just be yourself.

A reminder of the importance of paying attention to how YOU feel and what YOU think, even though that may be very different from other people’s experiences and opinions.

Reclaim your heart’s power to transform your life with love.

Courage to be our true selves, to find the strength in our vulnerabilities, our truth, and our rawness and to live from the inside out.
I infused him with affirmations and energy...

I reclaim my hearts power
I trust my own perceptions and intuition
I trust my feelings
I listen to myself
I have the courage to be my true self
I am strong
I open myself up to the power of creation
I am a creator
I stay heart centered
I am shining my light
I am light
I am love
I am worthy

This painting is infused with amethyst, tigers eye, clear quartz

Self-worth, Self- esteem , Self - Acceptance
To trust in your own judgement 
To promote intuition
Inner peace
Spiritual connection
Increase your intuition
Balance and Stability

The piece comes with its own framable message

This piece has such stunning details, textures..

I paint intuitively and as always before i start painting i ask to paint what needs to be spoken... to become a powerful message and reminder for someone at this moment in life.

May this piece be a powerful reminder to trust yourself more, your feelings, your struggle. To have the courage to be true to yourself.

THis piece in infused with energy and crystals

Thank you so much for loving my Sacred Soul Art!!

Much Love,

New moon in Leo : original Painting

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