Original Painting - size : 24 x 15 cm  / 9.5 x 5.9 inches


Follow your heart
Find Your Passion
Embrace it ...

Your feminine power

You are more powerful than you think
Stop struggling

Follow your intuition...
And you will Float


The mermaid has the ability to connect us to our sacred self, and our sacred calling...our gifts...talents.. blessings

There is a deep connection with Atlantis...peaceful... high vibrational

Be surrounded by higher consciousness.... know your life purpose.... seek the greatest expression of your Self.

You have a healing energy... a deep intuition...a deep connection to water... it will recharge you....ground you... 

The watery world.... where intuition flows with the tides...

She will help you connect with the element of water 

She is infused with crystals ( amethyst, clear quartz , selenite ) activations - energy  and healing

She radiates amazing energy !

Let her empower you to follow your intuition.... your sacred self...your talents... 
Let her heal you and help you heal yourself and others
Let her inspire you....and support you on your journey


Original Painting : Atlantis Mermaid

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