“ The messenger " by Nanda Boukes
Size: 11.4 inches / 29 cm
Original Painting on Stretched Canvas
Medium: acrylics 
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I had the urge to paint a whale for a few days.... the need to paint one...but didnt now why yet.... most of the times it works like this... later the message came...

He has gorgeous shimmer details

The message is > 

A whale is symbolic as a persons inner truth, voice and creativity. It cant be easily silenced or sundued. He teaches you to listen your inner voice and following your own truth

He supports you in communicating clearly from our hearts, to bridge large distance from others ( think about how whales communicate )

He helps you bridge any gaps that are keeping us from connecting deeper with our loved ones.
He supports you in speaking our truth...with emotion, vulnerability and power.

He is also calling you to look into the emotional pressure we are under.
You are able to endure emotional and physical pressures, but you need to take a deep breath, just like a whale needs to come to the surface to do so.

Let go, forgive and make new space so you can give "birth" to 
your fullest expression and flowing creativity.

Explore the depths of your true nature
Remember to come up for air
Find your voice, listen to your inner voice and follow your own truth

I infused him with affirmations and energy...

My voice matters
I am supported
I found my voice 
I matter
I follow my true purpose
I Express myself clearly
I am creative
I am strong
I am Peaceful 
I speak my truth
I am abundance
I am love
I am a great communicator

He is a powerful help when working on your throat chakra.

This painting is infused with Sodalite 

To encourage communication
To give the courage to speak
To stand up for your beliefs
To support you with confidence
To support you with self expression
Self-worth, Self- esteem , Self - Acceptance
To trust in your own judgement 
To promote intuition

The piece comes with its own framable message

I paint intuitively and as always before i start painting i ask to paint what needs to be spoken... to become a powerful message and reminder for someone at this moment in life.

May this piece be a powerful reminder to speak your truth, folloow your purpose, and dont forget to "come up for air "

THis piece in infused with energy and crystals

Thank you so much for loving my Sacred Soul Art!!

Much Love ,

Original Painting : The Messenger

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