Print infused with healing energy : throat chakra

Textured paper 
Size 10.2x8.3

Our throat chakra is our ability to express ourselves fully. 
To speak and to live our truth. It flows with freedom and acceptence for ourselves and others 

In our throat is the seat of expressive energy
It flows balanced when we feel heard 
It can hear your own voice clearly

It is about expressing...
Your inner truth and voice...
Express yourself with love and kindness, 
Clear and Strong

Letting the world know your unique spark, your unique light

She will help you with :

Inner peace 
Harmony and soothing effect on glands
Strengthen confidence 
Self esteem
Heal breaches in communication 
And more....

She will come infused with healing energy and a message/affirmations on paper.

Print infused with healing energy: throat chakra

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