Sacred Soul Clay bowl for meditation & Manifestation of Dreams


Did this bowl call to you ?

That is how it works, you are drawn to the bowl you align with !


Many layers to create a fabulous earthy universe texture, infused with intentions, activations and energy 

Nature imprinted with mama eart healing

This clay bowl is SO powerful !


Did this bowl call to you ? That is how it works, you are drawn to the bowl you align with !

Gorgeous gold edge...many layers to create the universe

Perfect to use in the moon rituals... full moon clearings....

Release unwanted emotions and feelings....set intentions and manifest what your soul desires

You are restored by sacred cosmic vibration
You are divinely protected
You release what no longer serves you
Your spirit is awake
Your path is revealed
You are open to receive

Release & let go
Inner peace
Spiritual connection
Inner truth
Balance and Stability

The universe is always on your side

Each Bowl is a one-of-a-kind art piece. No two are alike. They are 100% made by hand

The bowl is a reminder that we are a powerful conscious creator of our deepest desires.

You can hold the bowl when you are meditating, praying, or when you feel restless / have anxiety

You can fill your bowl with high vibrational items... like crystals, feathers, little notes, affirmations, handwritten gratitude notes, specific etc ...

You are worthy to follow your dreams and manifest your desires !

The bowl will come with instructions and healing energy.


This Sacred Soul Earth bowl is infused with Affirmations/energy & activations,  Amethyst, Selenite,clear quartz and moon water

Give yourself the gift of detaching from your worries and trust that everything is happening perfectly

Listen to the Earth, it is always giving you messages.

Let go, and trust


Size aprx 13x 12 cm / 5.2 x 4.7 inches


Much love & light

Sacred Soul Clay Leaf Bowl Universe

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