This beautiful Sacred Soul necklace has been created to support and empower you 

It features clear quartz at the top, amethyst in the center and a fluorite point at the bottom


She has 2 rings symbolizing the sun and moon, the ego and the higher self/intuition/emotions


Clear quartz : is a master healer. It amplifies energy and thoughts and increases spiritual wisdom.

It brings clarity and creativity. It connects to the crown and third eye chakra. Enhances intuition. It reduces stress, brings relaxation and confidence. It purifies, heals and is a deep souls cleanser

Amethyst :  is a stress reliever and attracts positive energy, it is an all purpose stone and very powerful. Strong cleansing and healing power. It is one of the most spiritual stones.  It enhances spirituality, intuition and meditation. It is soothing and calming, brings courage, inner strength, balance. 

It is also a great crystal for fibromyalgia, cf, arthtritis, imune system issues and general healing.


Fluorite : will bring you Divine support, higher guidance on your soul path, it brings wisdom. Helps you overcome fears, overwhelming emotions. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. It is a very powerful energy healing crystal. It activates all chakras, and helps you manifest your visions. 

It releases emotional traumas and harmonizes the mind with the heart.

It sends energy straight up to Source, helping to push your intentions directly out to the world. It lights your way and connects to your highest calling.


Use it as pendant or wand. Wear it or hold it. 
It has gorgeous shades of gold, green purple.


i will add a chain chunky necklace to the pendant

She is aprox 10.2 cm / 4 inches

Sacred Soul Crystal Necklace

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